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FS 19 – Maschio Gaspardo Primo

PRIMO is the top model in the GASPARDO range of fertilizers. It comes in two versions: M, totally manual and EW, electronically controlled, to meet the different needs of small and large companies.

FS 19 – Fuel Safe

The "Fuel Safe" have a 3point hitch for filling and using it a front counter weight when transporting forestery equipment. It can be lifted and moved with anything that have a grapple or a 3point hitch.

FS 19 – Obstacles Horse sport

Base game models of obstacles for horse sports made into a placeables so you can place the them around your farm and fields.

FS 19 – Curved Steel Sheds

A pack of 6 Curved Steel Sheds with working doors and lights at night.

American Truck Simulator – Washington: Mount St. Helens

On this day back in 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted in the largest Volcanic event in U.S. history. The devastating effects of this disaster resulted in the loss of over 150 square miles of forest, homes, railways, and roads.

Regarding the SCS Sim Trailer

With a strong start to the SCS On The Road season at Peterborough Truckfest with our unique Sim Trailer and Motion Simulators, we have experienced a technical issue with the trailer that will mean bringing it off the road and into maintenance for a period of time.

FS 19 – Milling Machine

With a Milling Machine you can safely load different Materials.

FS 19 – Lipinki

Welcome to Lipinki! A nice Polish map for Farming Simulator 2019! On this map, you will find several buyers, 66 fields, a small village, 3 economies, animals for start, and much more ...

FS 19 – Holmer HR9 Header

FS 19 - Holmer HR9 Header

FS 19 – Wilson Pacesetter A-Train

Ideal for transporting the harvest to the farmor for sale. Trailers can also be used individually.

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