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Farming Simulator 19

FS 19 – Maschio Gaspardo Primo

PRIMO is the top model in the GASPARDO range of fertilizers. It comes in two versions: M, totally manual and EW, electronically controlled, to meet the different needs of small and large companies.

FS 19 – Fuel Safe

The "Fuel Safe" have a 3point hitch for filling and using it a front counter weight when transporting forestery equipment. It can be lifted and moved with anything that have a grapple or a 3point hitch.

FS 19 – Obstacles Horse sport

Base game models of obstacles for horse sports made into a placeables so you can place the them around your farm and fields.

FS 19 – Curved Steel Sheds

A pack of 6 Curved Steel Sheds with working doors and lights at night.

FS 19 – Milling Machine

With a Milling Machine you can safely load different Materials.

FS 19 – Lipinki

Welcome to Lipinki! A nice Polish map for Farming Simulator 2019! On this map, you will find several buyers, 66 fields, a small village, 3 economies, animals for start, and much more ...

FS 19 – Holmer HR9 Header

FS 19 - Holmer HR9 Header

FS 19 – Wilson Pacesetter A-Train

Ideal for transporting the harvest to the farmor for sale. Trailers can also be used individually.

FS 19 – Claas Mega Pack

FS 19 - Claas Mega Pack

FS 19 – HJM Special Lowloader TL38

HJM Special Lowloader TL38 for the Forestry sector.

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