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FS 19 Buildings

Building mods for Farming Simulator 19, FS 19 buildings

FS 19 – Curved Steel Sheds

A pack of 6 Curved Steel Sheds with working doors and lights at night.

FS 19 – Pallet Racking

A placeable pallet racking for saving space-price 2500 Doller

FS 19 – Small BGA

This small 32kw BGA is intended to use the silage surplus or animal remains meaningful.

FS 19 – Solar Collecting Single Array Unit – Large

FS 19 - Solar Collecting Single Array Unit - Large

FS 19 – Cowbarn

This cowshed with the dimensions of 40mx20m and an attached pasture, also with the dimensions of 40mx20m, can accommodate up to 200 cows.

FS 19 – Solar Plant

FS 19 - Solar Plant

FS 19 – Shed

A simple placeable shed for vehicles and trailers.

FS 19 – Garage With Workshoptrigger

This is a placeable garage. Windows, roof and door are already mounted to the garage.A workshop trigger is also there.

FS 19 – Small Bunker Silo

This object is suitable for smaller maps and for playing with small machines.

FS 19 – MF Shed Pack

New and improved Mercury Farms shed pack for use on other maps.

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