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FS 19 Buildings

Building mods for Farming Simulator 19, FS 19 buildings

FS 19 – EDGE Grain Silos

Some silos for storing your grain. The pack contains 4 farm silos, and 6 silo extensions. All buildings are priced according to storage space and size and they all have automatic lighting.

FS 19 – Laying Henhouse

This laying henhouse with the dimensions 16mx40m can accommodate 400 laying hens, for the well-being of the animals provides a large spout,

FS 19 – Fruit Orchards

These placeable Orange and Apple orchards will produce an hourly income when water is added.

FS 19 – Root Crop Storage

A hall for your crops or machinery. It cost 35.000 and is intended for medium size equipment.

FS 19 – Small Chicken Coop

Chicken shed, made from cheap and rusty material, for 6 chickens.

FS 19 – Chicken Coop

This is a small chickencoop for free range chickens

FS 19 – Egg Pallet

This pallet can be used to transport eggs from your chicken pasture.

FS 19 – Timberframed Houses

A set of two timberframed houses. A small timberframed house and a timberframed house with a barn. You can open the doors to the barn and toggle the lights.

FS 19 – Crop Storage

A hall for your crops or machinery.

FS 19 – Realistic Bunker Silo Pack

This is a realistic bunkersilo pack for all your chaff. Large or small, it has all you need!

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