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FS 19 Gameplay Mods

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FS 19 – Tip Side HUD

This mod adds a new HUD which shows the tip side of the currently selected implement/trailer. This enables you to hide the help menu, while still be able to see the currently selected tip side.

FS 19 – Extended Driving

This script extends the driving characteristics by selectable driving directions. The driving direction has to be selected by yourself.

FS 19 – Enhanced BGA

This script extends the biogas plant by some functions for more realism.

FS 19 – Cowboy Hat

Forces a "Cowboy Hat" onto the player and optionally all hired helpers.

FS 19 – Placeable Large Cow Pasture

An even larger cow pasture on the water and straw is brought directly to the pasturewith seating under the trees, where they can relax and watch their beloved animals for a few minutes.

FS 19 – AdBlue Def Pack

With this pack the DEF usage gets activated. The base implementation was already done by Giants.

FS 19 – QuickCamera

FS 19 - QuickCamera

FS 19 – Full Stop

This mod prevents a combine harvester from continuing when its grain tank is full, thereby destroying the fruit. In addition, the unloading auger extends as soon as the combine stops.

FS 19 – Finer Timescale Adjustment

This mod allows for finer timescale adjustment. With this mod it is possible to set a timescale of 0-15 in steps of one, from 15 to 30 in steps of 5 and above that in steps of 10 and 20 up to 240 and 40 up to 480.

FS 19 – Waiting Workers

When using workers you often encounter the situation where a worker informs that he has completed his task while in fact some part of the field remains to be done.

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