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FS 19 Gameplay Mods

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FS 19 – Store Deliveries

Get the store to deliver your purchases for a fee.

FS 19 – Animal Screen Extended

Small script addon that extends the Animal Screen function at the Animal Pen and the Animal Dealers.

FS 19 – Contractor Mod

This mod enable simulating a defined number of characters you control one by one during a solo game.

FS 19 – Tip Side HUD

This mod adds a new HUD which shows the tip side of the currently selected implement/trailer. This enables you to hide the help menu, while still be able to see the currently selected tip side.

FS 19 – Extended Driving

This script extends the driving characteristics by selectable driving directions. The driving direction has to be selected by yourself.

FS 19 – Enhanced BGA

This script extends the biogas plant by some functions for more realism.

FS 19 – Cowboy Hat

Forces a "Cowboy Hat" onto the player and optionally all hired helpers.

FS 19 – Placeable Large Cow Pasture

An even larger cow pasture on the water and straw is brought directly to the pasturewith seating under the trees, where they can relax and watch their beloved animals for a few minutes.

FS 19 – AdBlue Def Pack

With this pack the DEF usage gets activated. The base implementation was already done by Giants.

FS 19 – QuickCamera

FS 19 - QuickCamera

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