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FS 19 Harvester

Harvester mods for Farming Simulator 19. FS 19 Harvester….

FS 19 – John Deere T560 Pack

FS 19 - John Deere T560 Pack

FS 19 – Malwa Forest Pack

The Malwas offer a efficient, compact forest machines for modern, minimal impact forest management.

FS 19 – John Deere 953MH Swing

The 953 swing is a 953MH retrofitted with a grapple for loading trucks and managing landings.

FS 19 – John Deere 959MH Harvester

The 959MH Features the long boom option and the smaller H290 harvester head combined with an industry exlusive slope monitioring system, with 33 degrees fore/aft tilt and 14 degree side to side tilt for handeling even the most brutal terrain without a problem.

FS 19 – Komatsu 951

The 951 was at launch the worlds biggest wheeled harvester. The 6 wheel setup compared to an 8 wheel setup makes it more compact and increased manoeuvrability with some loss in tractive force.

FS 19 – John Deere 1170G

The versetile 1170G handels everything from thinning to final felling. The powerful and high tractive force of the 8 wheel setup makes the 1170G have great climbing ability and stability.

FS 19 – Claas Mega Pack

FS 19 - Claas Mega Pack

FS 19 – Case IH 1030 18FT

FS 19 - Case IH 1030 18FT

FS 19 – John Deere 1470G

John Deere 1470G features a 6 wheel setup, different from the in game harvesters.The CH9 long reach crane works perfectly with the H290 harvester head, where you can manual tilt up/down and a grapple function.

FS 19 – AGCO Ideal Harvester Pack

This is the AGCO IDEAL Pack. Included is the ideal and his reapers with matching cutting unit carriage.

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