FS 19 Objects

Object mods for Farming Simulator 19, FS 19 Objects, FS 19 Mods

FS 19 – Fertilizer And Lime Pallet

Fertilizer and lime pallets, 2100 liters of capacity.The bags disappear when they are used.

FS 19 – Slurry Lagoon

FS 19 - Slurry Lagoon

FS 19 – Placeable Metal Gates

This set includes two placeable gates with function, a swing gate and a sliding gate.

FS 19 – Small Chicken Coop

Chicken shed, made from cheap and rusty material, for 6 chickens.

FS 19 – Chicken Coop

This is a small chickencoop for free range chickens

FS 19 – Pallets With Barrels

Barrels of liquids for daily use on your farm.

FS 19 – Egg Pallet

This pallet can be used to transport eggs from your chicken pasture.

FS 19 – Small Placeable Solar Panel

This small free placeable solar panel not only serves as a decoration for your Farm, you also get depending on the difficulty level hourly a little money on your account.

FS 19 – Dead Trunk Pack – Placeable

Pack of dead trunks of all heights. The trees are placable from the shop.

FS 19 – Aluminum Sliding Gate

Aluminum sliding gate 5 and 6 meters.

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