FS 19 Objects

Object mods for Farming Simulator 19, FS 19 Objects, FS 19 Mods

FS 19 – Obstacles Horse sport

Base game models of obstacles for horse sports made into a placeables so you can place the them around your farm and fields.

FS 19 – Placeable hedge

Placeable hedge that sways in the wind

FS 19 – Bunker silo

FS 19 - Bunker silo

FS 19 – Swimming pool for decoration

A small schwimming pool as decoration.

FS 19 – Placeable Concrete Ramp

This concrete ramp makes loading of high trailers easier.

FS 19 – Fertilizer Tanks

Fertilizer tanks to place on your farm to fill your sprayers with.

FS 19 – Placeable Ramp

FS 19 - Placeable Ramp

FS 19 – Bunched Firewood

Nicely bunched firewood. Can be used as a placeable object to decorate your farm.

FS 19 – Galvanized Gate

Galvanized Gate in 4 and 5 meters in width.

FS 19 – Diesel Mod

Isn't the diesel in your vehicle enough to reach your destination?

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