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Cattle and Crops – Early Access Update v0.8.0: Polishing

by Simulation

Cattle and Crops – Early Access Update v0.8.0: Polishing

New game update: Cattle and Crops v0.8. In addition to many bug fixes and improvements this update includes a host of new features.

Bogy Pivot Trailers

We’ve adjusted and improved the vehicle physics and have adapted it to the specialities of bogy trailers. With this, both the jittering and sliding should be reduced heavily. Affected vehicles are the Joskin Wago, Strautmann SZK 1802-H and the Claas Vario header trailer.

Field Guidance System

The FGS has been expanded by a multitude of new features, including a height adjustment option for the visualization lines – especially useful when harvesting large crops such as maize. When rotating the direction it will pivot on the vehicle position instead of the track itself. Also included is a new vehicle offset method that’s useful for plowing or when using a side mower like the Claas Disco. Additionally all direction and length values can now be entered directly via keyboard.


  • Virtual keyboard to enable Input into text fields with the gamepad
  • Added FGS height settings for visualization
  • FGS vehicle offset with automatic side change added
  • Added value input for FGS
  • Plant growth is now influenced by temperature
  • Significantly improved bogy pivot trailer physics
  • Date is displayed in addition to the time
  • [MODDING] Box selection in the Shader Editor
  • [MODDING] More script methods to set external variables
  • [MODDING] Optional Attacher Filter Key for blocking attaching machines to other machines despite having the same AttacherType
  • [MODDING] In the Map XML the entry can now be added. This allows you to use your own screenshots as load screens.
  • [MODDING] Translations (StringTable) for tooltips (balloon strings)
  • TankTrigger now has a connection to the barn that can be used by instances
  • [MODDING] Material filltypes can now be registered via XML. Attention: the types must be reset for all meshes!
  • [MODDING] testMission console command
  • Workers rebuy fertilizer (Rauch Axis, Dammann Land Cruiser)
  • Missions can now be tracked/hidden
  • Farm barns: Markers for barns have been added
  • Random loading images added
  • Hawe SLW 50T: chain system added
  • FGS revised and fixes for crashes with savegames
  • Wetness is correctly displayed when tedding hay
  • Fixed substages for hay drying
  • Replace Geometries Multi-Material fixed
  • Trading Window is also hidden when hiding UI
  • Clog option moved from “Gameplay” to “Difficulty”
  • setAcre: negative swath volume fixed
  • Zoom strength is no longer dependent on FPS – you can now zoom with the controller in the cockpit view even with low FPS
  • Model viewer: physics disabled to prevent crashes with PhysX
  • Field status is updated immediately after execution of setAcre
  • Possibility to select the fertiliser when creating a task
  • Dirt adjusted for Claas Direct Disc, Disco, Volto
  • Hawe SLW 50T: decal dirt based on vehicle dirt added
  • Strautmann Verti-Mix: decal dirt based on vehicle dirt added
  • Instances are no longer loaded when disabled
  • Tombstone Collada Importer changes adopted
  • Continued work on Tombstone 2.9.1 integration
  • FGS rotation around vehicle instead of track
  • Farm stable fill meshes changed to morphs
  • Strautmann Verti-Mix: Fill-Mesh changed to Morphs, mixing movement added
  • Reversing lights are only displayed when the light is switched on (light effects are still displayed)
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