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ETS 2 – EUTELTRACS GPS for All Trucks (v1.0)

by Simulation

ETS 2 – EUTELTRACS GPS for All Trucks (v1.0)

Hi everyone, this is my first serious 3D experiment and I created this topic because I found it worth sharing with you. :)
This is an old vehicle tracking system, It was once very popular and useful for communicating between the driver and the company. With the development of technology, it is no longer used as much as before (maybe not at all)

You can find it in the “beacon” point in the accessories section of the game (only in “r_grill” for Actros MP3 Megaspace). If someday I learn to create a standalone “locator” , I will add a special option to this object. :)

You can use with this trucks ;
– All SCS trucks
– Simulation FORD F-MAX
– Alex Actros MP4
– Eugene Reworks (Volvo FH4, Scania P/G/R/S)
– Schumi Reworks (all)
– RJL (Scania R, R4)
– MADster (TGA, TGX_E5, TGX_E6)

Known issues ;
– Cables need overhauled
– It’s don’t have shadow yet

if i find enough time i will try to improve.
-Special thanks to @HardouX for all tips :)

Hope enjoy everyone


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