ETS 2 – Ford Trucks F-MAX Drivetrain Revision by galimim


ETS 2 – Ford Trucks F-MAX Drivetrain Revision by galimim

This is a mod that revises the drive train for stock Ford F-MAX mod by Emre Aydin, Bertan Baday and SimülasyonTÜRK!

It adds new engines with realistic parameters, gearboxes with realistic ratios and naming, badges and icons

The mod contains:
Ecotorq 500PS

ZF TraXon

Gearboxes that can be paired realistically with engines.
All of the gearboxes have multiple ratios. Default ratios should be the best for normal operations, but others are available.
Auxiliary brake future is a guess work, until more information comes available.

Gearbox naming follows this recipe:

ZF 12 TX 2620 TD

12 - Number of gears in the box
TX- The type of the gearbox (Automatic)
216 - Max torque that gearbox can handle
2 - Gear ratio (2= TraXon 12-gear, 4=TraXon 16-gear)
0/1 - No/Retarder
TD/TO - Direct/Over Drive

Please report any bugs and any other mods you wish to use this mod with, and I will try to make it happen
Special thanks to:
Wilson212 for his amazing app
rookie_one for all the bug and information hunting

Author: galimim




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