FS 19 – Mercury Farms


FS 19 – Mercury Farms

Mercury Farms with 60 fields.
You can cut down any or all hedges and barbed wire fences with a chainsaw on any land you own. This will give you room to merge and reshape all of your fields to the way you prefer.
Mercury Farms has many built in custom placeables, giving you the option to place and move farm houses, Silos, animals and vehicle shelters to build your own farms exactly how you like.

Credits:ALiEN JiM

Platform: PC/MAC, PS4, XB1



  1. Changelog v1.0.1.0
    – Fixed poplar bales from disappearing when entering the sawmill area
    – Fixed the cow a pig manure leaking through walls
    – Fixed an issue with the 3 door shed placeable
    – Replaced US building for better performance and hopefully slot count
    – Added option to hide all removable fences and hedges at the general maintenance hut round behind the Vehicle Shop Grains sell point
    – Added fuel tanker in misc section for buying and selling diesel
    – The dirt track leading up to the sawmill can now be owned and be terraformed
    – Adjusted various sound levels
    – Various texture and other fixes.


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