Microsoft Flight Simulator – Weather “Volumetric clouds, Real life parameters, New atmospheric engine [Video]

New atmospheric engine, in order to unify the rendering of the sky, in the simulation. Everything related to the weather special effects. Also the new day and night cycle.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Airplane List [January 2020]

These are the current airplanes we've seen so far from their official videos that were released in 2019.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – WORLD “Azure AI, Offline and Online Mode, Details, Bing Maps...

Hi everyone I am Lionel Fuentes lead engine programmer here at Asobo studios. We are developing the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – Dynamic seasons confirmed! [Video]

Let It Snow! The New Microsoft Flight Simulator video just confirmed dynamic seasons

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Feedback Snapshot v1 “Top Questions, Top Wish List, Top Issues”

The Feedback Snapshot preview is now available. This document is still a work-in-progress so expect additional information (e.g. status for each entry, etc.) to be added over the next few weeks.