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SnowRunner ad mud runner game – Off-road truck simulator by Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive, SnowRunner mods, MudRunner 2

SnowRunner October Community Update “Multiple Maps, Michigan USA”

To celebrate the Fall Season, we’d like to show off some shots of Michigan, one of the three regions that you will explore when SnowRunner launches early next year. Each Region in SnowRunner is huge, spanning multiple maps, each of which is several times larger than the average MudRunner map.

SnowRunner November Community Update “Alaska Map”

SnowRunner will feature three regions at launch - Michigan, Alaska, and Taymir - each consisting of several maps, many of them several times larger than those in MudRunner. Last month we showed you some shots of Michigan, so this month, we’d like to show off the snowy wonderland that is Alaska!

SnowRunner Dev Diary December Community Update; Alaska, Michigan, Taymir Maps

Winter has come, and the team continues to work hard to make sure SnowRunner will be the best off-roading experience ever. In the previous two month’s updates, we’ve shown off Alaska and Michigan, our two U.S. regions. This month, we’d like to give you a glimpse into Taymir, our Russian region.

SnowRunner – Summary Information “Confirmed Feature List”

Confirmed feature list and information for SnowRunner off-road truck simulator!

New SnowRunner Screenshots Revealed

New screenshots revealed for SnowRunner on Play-Asia.com