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FS 19 – Fertilizer And Lime Pallet

Fertilizer and lime pallets, 2100 liters of capacity.The bags disappear when they are used.

FS 19 – John Deere T560 Pack

FS 19 - John Deere T560 Pack

FS 19 – Multi Harvest Headers

These are the Kemper harvest headers from the FS19. These machines get with this modification the missing functions that they have in reality.

FS 19 – Store Deliveries

Get the store to deliver your purchases for a fee.

FS 19 – Dondi 800 series

FS 19 - Dondi 800 series Italian subsoiler available in various sizes: - 805: 130-180 HP, 5 anchors, weight 1300kg, frame height 80cm, width 250cm. - 807: 180-250 HP, 7 anchors, weight 1800kg, frame height 80cm, width...

FS 19 – Malwa Forest Pack

The Malwas offer a efficient, compact forest machines for modern, minimal impact forest management.

FS 19 – John Deere 953MH Swing

The 953 swing is a 953MH retrofitted with a grapple for loading trucks and managing landings.

FS 19 – John Deere 959MH Harvester

The 959MH Features the long boom option and the smaller H290 harvester head combined with an industry exlusive slope monitioring system, with 33 degrees fore/aft tilt and 14 degree side to side tilt for handeling even the most brutal terrain without a problem.

FS 19 – Amazone AD302 Power Harrow

Sowing machine and power harrow can be detached (both need to be bought separately) Connection hoses (4x hydraulic, 1x electric)

FS 19 – Farmtech EDK 800

FS 19 - Farmtech EDK 800

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