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FS 19 – 5th Wheel Hitch Pack

This Pickup allows coupling of gooseneck trailers.

FS 19 – Washoe Nevada

Nevada is a very dry hot and bright map with 17 fields and 98 percent of land purchasable, Includes all FS19 features with added TMR, Fuel and Water sell points also added to price stat page.

FS 19 – Lemken Heliodor 9/600

FS 19 - Lemken Heliodor 9/600

FS 19 – EDGE Grain Silos

Some silos for storing your grain. The pack contains 4 farm silos, and 6 silo extensions. All buildings are priced according to storage space and size and they all have automatic lighting.

FS 19 – Laying Henhouse

This laying henhouse with the dimensions 16mx40m can accommodate 400 laying hens, for the well-being of the animals provides a large spout,

FS 19 – Ursus 904

FS 19 - Ursus 904

FS 19 – Feeder 18500

The slurry tanker is perfect as a feeder built for the SKE 18.5 PUD.

FS 19 – Sicma RM 235

Milling Machine for fixed soil 80 cv medium-heavy.

FS 19 – Kroger HKD 150

FS 19 - Kroger HKD 150

FS 19 – Fruit Orchards

These placeable Orange and Apple orchards will produce an hourly income when water is added.

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