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FS 19 – Multi Harvest Headers

These are the Kemper harvest headers from the FS19. These machines get with this modification the missing functions that they have in reality.

FS 19 – Store Deliveries

Get the store to deliver your purchases for a fee.

FS 19 – Dondi 800 series

FS 19 - Dondi 800 series Italian subsoiler available in various sizes: - 805: 130-180 HP, 5 anchors, weight 1300kg, frame height 80cm, width 250cm. - 807: 180-250 HP, 7 anchors, weight 1800kg, frame height 80cm, width...

FS 19 – Malwa Forest Pack

The Malwas offer a efficient, compact forest machines for modern, minimal impact forest management.

FS 19 – John Deere 953MH Swing

The 953 swing is a 953MH retrofitted with a grapple for loading trucks and managing landings.

FS 19 – John Deere 959MH Harvester

The 959MH Features the long boom option and the smaller H290 harvester head combined with an industry exlusive slope monitioring system, with 33 degrees fore/aft tilt and 14 degree side to side tilt for handeling even the most brutal terrain without a problem.

FS 19 – Amazone AD302 Power Harrow

Sowing machine and power harrow can be detached (both need to be bought separately) Connection hoses (4x hydraulic, 1x electric)

FS 19 – Farmtech EDK 800

FS 19 - Farmtech EDK 800

FS 19 – 5th Wheel Hitch Pack

This Pickup allows coupling of gooseneck trailers.

FS 19 – Washoe Nevada

Nevada is a very dry hot and bright map with 17 fields and 98 percent of land purchasable, Includes all FS19 features with added TMR, Fuel and Water sell points also added to price stat page.

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