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SnowRunner – Developer Update, New Gameplay, Seasons Pass, Release Date [Video]

by Simulation

Get ready for a big update! We have a three-minute developer update, videos from the community, information on the Season Pass, and a new vehicle presentation. Hold on to your hats.

Developer Update

We’re super excited to bring you this developer diary, answering some of the most burning questions on everyone’s minds. Learn about the graphical and technical improvements, modding support, and more! We know many of you are hoping for a release date, so I want to thank you for your patience, and assure you right now that we will be announcing it soon.

Please keep in mind that this is all in-game footage.


Hey everyone

We’re bringing you this short dev diary to give you guys, our community, more visibility on what’s going on behind the scenes, and what’s to come. #ENGINE Let’s talk about the engine. SnowRunner is built on the Swarm engine, the same engine that powers World War Z which can handle hundreds of A.I. zombies on screen at a time. That’s the kind of proccessing power we needed for a MudRunner sequel given the much larger scope. #TERRAIN PHYSICS We wanted to surpass our previous limits, and the new Engine allows for not only better graphics and more advanced mud and water, but the addition of snow and ice as well. Snow has completely different qualities to mud taking into account vehicle momentum, snow depth, and snow wetness. We spent a long time developing these terrain types until they felt just right, so you’ll really feel it when you’re behing the wheel. #HUGE OPEN MAPS The new engine also allows us to make larger maps to go with our regional macro-gameplay progression.  We have three regions: Taymyr, Alaska, and Michigan, each built of inter-connected maps, with some reaching for times the size of a single MudRunner map. Thanks to the sandbox-focused mission design, you can take any road with whatever vehicle and gear you have available. We want you to be as free and creative as you want wheen approaching contracts, which can start in one map and end in another. #MODDING We’re excited to reveal our modding ecosystem. For the first time in franchise history we’ll be adding mod functionality in the game client itself thanks to a brand-new partnership with mod.io. We’ll also be talking to modders ahead of launch to create community-tested modding tools. There will be new ways to mod your vehicles, too, but we aren’t going to reveal that just yet. Keep in mind: mod will be arriving at launch on the Epic Game Store with mods coming to console as soon as they’re ready. #MULTIPLAYER Knowing how popular multiplayer was in MudRunner, we’re working hard on major improvements for SnowRunner, from tools and U.I., to netcoding and game modes. Up to three friends will be able to join you, with each vehicle clearly affecting the environment around it, leaving tracks in the mud and snow, brushing aside vegetation, and, if that’s your thing, knocking down road signs. That’s all from us for now. Look forward in the coming weeks for more SnowRunner announcements. Thaks for watching!

Season Pass

Many of you have already seen information regarding this on various websites, so to clear up any confusion we’re happy to confirm that there will be a Season Pass, which includes a series of content chunks we want to bring to SnowRunner post-launch. We’re very excited to be able to continue expanding and improving the game after its launch.

Derry Longhorn 3194

Originally manufactured on a repurposed ironworks site somewhere in the northern U.S., Derry Longhorn trucks have been a staple of military logistics for decades. Designed in the 70’s, the 3194 is not a particularly sophisticated transport vehicle, but despite its lackluster fuel efficiency and relatively weak stock engine, it has been used by the army as a main battle tank carrier both domestically and beyond the border.

Thank you all for reading and watching! Starting next week, we will be ramping up the news output, with blogs, gameplay videos, and more, all the way up until SnowRunner launches.


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