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SnowRunner Modding Info!

by Simulation

Hello SnowRunners!

The April 28 launch of SnowRunner on PS4, Xbox One, and PC is just around the corner! Today, we’re excited to unveil new info regarding the game’s mod support from launch and beyond on PC, with console mod support planned at a later date.

As you may know, we’ve partnered with industry-leading mod experts mod.io so that it’s easy to browse, install and submit mods. To ensure the SnowRunner modding scene will thrive, we’re also awarding the most popular modders every month with an amount of money.

You can already visit snowrunner.mod.io to check out the mods created so far by closed Beta testers, with whom we’ve been working closely.

How to install mods

  • After launching SnowRunner and going to the mods section, you’ll be prompted to create your mod.io account via the in-game UI.
  • You’ll then be directed to the snowrunner.mod.io page.
  • There, you can browse the selection of mods by category such as popularity, rating, and type. More categories will be added in the future.
  • Having selected a mod, click on subscribe, and it will be installed the next time you launch SnowRunner.
  • In-game you can manage which mods you have active.

How to submit mods

  • Log in and click the “add mod” button on the mod.io SnowRunner page.
  • You can select its visibility (private or public), tags, include an image, and give a description of your mod. · Remember to follow the terms set out here: https://mod.io/terms
  • Overall, no racist, xenophobic, homophobic or otherwise prejudiced remarks, personal abuse, libel, NSFW content, and excessive swearing. This list is not exhaustive.

Modder rewards

  • Based on mod popularity, a number of modders will receive a portion of money from a combined pool.
  • To start with, this pool will be €3000/ $3,252 per month.
  • Modders will be selected based on various criteria that take into account the popularity of established and new modders separately. This is to encourage a good balance between improving existing mods, and adding new mods.

Types of mods

  • At launch, you will be able to mod vehicles, their look and shape, etc.
  • Shortly after launch, we will start introducing new kinds of modding functionality, such as maps, missions, and interior customization!

With almost 5000 mods already created for MudRunner, we know just how much creativity, passion, and know-how exists in this community, so we can’t wait to see what will be created for SnowRunner with the tools provided. We’ll keep sharing more info about the further additions and improvements to the mod tools as things take shape.

Thanks, we’ll see you in the snow!

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