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SnowRunner – Watch the Season Pass & Premium Edition Trailer!

by Simulation

Hello SnowRunners!

We’re here to give you a glimpse into the future of SnowRunner in our Season Pass Trailer. SnowRunner will continue to grow after launch through its massive Season Pass, which adds new maps, features, vehicles, mission types, and more. Watch the Season Pass & Premium Edition Trailer to get a complete overview of what Season Pass and Premium Edition owners can look forward to.


Greetings, runners.

With SnowRunner about to release on April 28 we’re very excited to share with you what’s planned for the game’s Season Pass. The Season Pass and the Premium Edition of SnowRunner will grant you access to a wealth of exciting new content for the Season to come. That includes huge new maps, powerful new vehicles, and never-before-seen activities. All this new content will be delivered via the Season Pass’ 4 phases alongside free updates and extra content for all. The first phase will be available a few weeks after the release of the game. It will include an additional winter environment set in Russia, greatly expanding your playground with several new maps for your rides alone and with your friends. Explore and brave the tundra to discover new missions, which include an exciting hunt for the lost wreckage of a World War II bomber. More vehicles and skins will also be added during this phase. Additionally, all players will receive extra content for free, including a new activity, new extreme cargos, new skins, trials, and much more.

Phase 2 will add a brand-new Canadian region, a first for the franchise. This new region will include several maps filled with very special missions. There, you will be leading the construction of a new settlement, participate by delivering materials and tools to workers, and witness the progress with new buildings popping up in the heart of this hostile environment. More vehicles and skins will also be added during this phase, along with free updates including new cargo types, modding features and some surprises that we will soon unveil.

Phase 3 will invite you to Wisconsin through exclusive new maps, missions and activities, with logging making a return. You’ll experience the classic franchise feel in a whole new light, with a revamped and reworked logging activity taking advantage of the massive improvements brought to SnowRunner. More vehicles and skins will be added during this third Phase, along with even more free content such as another new activity, more vehicle add-ons, and new customization tools for all players.

Finally, we will be concluding the season with an exciting expansion. We’ll share more info about its content soon. We’re excited for you to brave our giant open world and enjoy all the content that we we’ll be bringing throughout the year. It’s going to be one hell of an adventure!

Four phases of content

The Season Pass content will be delivered in four phases, each with its own theme and new region: Search and Recover; Explore and Expand; Locate and Deliver; with a massive Expansion as the fourth phase. With each step, players will receive brand new vehicles and be able to explore vast new regions, including the great white north of Canada, a beautiful new location for the franchise. New regions set in Russia and Wisconsin will also arrive for players to explore alone or with friends.
Even those without the Season Pass will receive new content for free, including new activities, more extreme cargo, skins, trials, and more.

New ways to play

The post-launch plan for SnowRunner goes beyond adding more maps, vehicles, and content. Modding support will continue to be refined and expanded, and new types of missions and activities will take players on new kinds of off-roading adventures, such as the hunt for the lost wreckage of a World War II bomber.
Stay tuned, as SnowRunner will continue to improve with new and wild locations, iconic vehicles and brands, and exciting adventures.

SnowRunner launches April 28 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. The Season Pass is available as part of the Premium Edition, featuring new vehicles, maps, activities, and much more over several phases in the months following release. Pre-orders and their exclusive bonuses are available via the official store.

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