TransRoad: USA, developed by the Deck13 Hamburg Studios, which we know with the TransOcean series, unveiled on November 10th at Steam. Instead of going down to the open sea in the new simulation game of Deck13’s studios, this time we are building a road transport fleet in the US. In the TransRoad: USA game, we aim to pass our competition with the truck fleet.

TransRoad: USA simulation game published by Astragon Entertainment is listed on Steam with 21.23$ price tag.

Game features

  • Complex company management: Buy and sell trucks and trailers, hire and fire drivers, develop and expand your marketing department, buy trailer concessions, take out and pay back loans, review statistics, and more
  • Truck management: Maintain your trucks, flexibly combine trucks, trailers and drivers to fulfil contracts on time
  • Trailers for heavier loads need more powerful trucks – decide wisely between two-, three- or even four-axle trucks
  • Complex order and customer relations management
  • Many unique clients with several sub-offices
  • 7 different trailer types which can be unlocked by buying new trailer concessions
  • Deliver orders in time or suffer painful penalties
  • Earn the full trust of a customer to unlock profitable recurring orders
  • Meet your opponents – on the map and in the statistics
  • Realistic USA map with more than 37 cities and 19 famous landmarks
  • Freely zoomable map – from full US overview to a close-up of your truck
  • Three game modes: Campaign, Sandbox and Quest mode

Although the presentation of game was great, the publishing of game not very well. In game optimizations and general performance are poor. The developer company already begun updates which contain performance improvements; it is possible to play this game with about 25 fps (even if the PC hardware is very good).

We are following the game’s upcoming updates 🙂




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